Adam Smale

Prof., University of Vaasa

What I'm able to bring to the classroom, are problems that companies face today, by showing real examples like KONE and many other firms.

Adam Smale is researching and teaching international management, in particular the management of human resources and talent within multinationals. So he is really dealing with the challenges of how to manage a global workforce.

We can show several success stories of those that have overcome the initial challenges of being in a foreign market and succeeding.

According to Smale Finland has a long history of small and medium-sized enterprises internationalising. That gives a huge body of knowledge regarding what firms do, when they internationalise and what kind of problems they face. The teachers have over a decade of experience in following how Finnish and Nordic companies have internationalised. We take learning from that and bring it back into the classroom.

That’s particularly useful for firms that are just about to embark on this process, so you can learn from the benefits of others.